Friday, June 03, 2011

a walk I took today

We adopted an adorable 8 year old female beagle exactly one week ago, her name is Bucky and she has been a great addition to the household.  She loves cats and loves really long walks even more.


We took a long walk today through the meadow and a short jaunt through the woods
This lovely meadow is just a quarter of a mile from our house (there are other houses in between)

This is Mount Monadnock viewed from the meadow.

A gorgeous little pond right before turning back on our road to home.  New Hampshire is full of beautiful ponds and lakes.  Until I took these photos, I forgot how much I love blue and green together and I'm sure I'll be glad I took all of these in the dead of winter!


Elizabeth Bauman said...

Bucky is so cute! Such a nice walking companion. Beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

It looks so prettyl where you live!

holly aka golly said...

Hello Bucky, it's a pleasure to meet you! Vivienne, I love the views from your new home! Gorgeous!

gracey said...

the sky is sooo blue! :)

Pease Porridge said...

Gorgeous! And Bucky is so very cute. Luckeeee.

stephanie levy said...

I love beagles and what a beautiful place you are living in - wow :)