Saturday, May 28, 2011

Things we love about Peterborough, NH so far

I actually took this photo on our first trip here last fall, this river runs right through town though there is no shortage of beautiful streams, rivers and lakes in the area.

They are very big on recycling here which is nice and the guys at the recycling center/dump are really friendly and have an interesting collection of junkyard finds inside the warehouse.  Who would have though recycling and going to the dump could be so much fun?!

This was a window display at a local gallery, can't wait to go back when I have time to look.  Have been running errands like mad but have already met so many friendly people.  


Elizabeth Bauman said...

Looks great so far! :)

annamaria said...

Happy moving Vivienne-seems that there's lots to love there!!XX

holly aka golly said...

Peterborough is beautiful! I'm sure you are having fun exploring. I would love to go to that junkyard!