Monday, August 16, 2010

Hitsy Parnell, revisited.

My studio is set up for the most part, still have the fun part of decorating to do now.  It was so great to finally get back to work last night after we got home from Rye, NY where we went for a short visit to see Irving Harper again.  The man is inspiring on so many levels that even though I was fairly exhausted after our long car ride home and from making chicken piccata for dinner I managed to sit down and make a few collages for this week's Scrapiteria theme and to finish a painting I had started months ago.

I have painted Hitsy Parnell Pirtle several times now, all in very light-hearted contexts but I felt compelled to paint her at least once more, this time a more serious portrait in oils.

Here is a link to an earlier painting and post

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