Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Like Kittysville

We purchased this great cat bed from Like Kittysville on etsy and it has been a huge hit at our house. Here is Krasner posing, she was the first to try it out but Irving has pretty much taken it over as his.

These can be found at, We can attest, they are extremely well made and attractive which is a rare combination to find in the selection of pet beds out there!


anja louise said...

That's really great, it looks like the perfect cat bed for your house. My friend has a funny one that looks like a daschund (that might be the wrong way to spell it, I have no idea) from the side, she looks so funny lounging on it.

Elizabeth Bauman said...

Thank goodness at least one likes it. Phew! :)

Linda Crispell said...

That is one hep cat!!!
Sorry I haven't left a message in a while, my computer wasn't working when I had to leave a word verification. I think I have too many cookies?
Your Pal,