Sunday, September 10, 2017

Remembering the 80s

mixed media on paper - first in the series of Remembering the 80s
When this movie came out, I just had to have these boots. Baker's Shoes had them - they were $149.00 - a lot of money in the 80s especially since my parents never simply "gave" me money. Every penny had to be earned - mowing the lawn, washing their cars, painting the house etc. I had these on layaway for the two months it took me to pay for them. About one month after I had them - Baker's put them on sale for $9.00. Madonna's had rhinestones I'm sure for the movie. The ones being sold were merely silver sequins. They were not comfortable. I had them well into the 90's until one of my cats threw up on them. There was no cleaning cat vomit off of fishnets and sequins.... I recently saw a pair on Ebay for $1,000. A priceless memory.

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