Monday, November 21, 2016

mourning for our country

This recent election has left many of us Americans feeling completely
distraught and full of despair. I hadn't been able to create
anything at all post election except the collage in the previous post.

A kind, English artist friend of mine created the collage below and 
dedicated it to me. I am extremely touched. He is allowing me to use his image to go along 
with a poem he inspired by creating this.

by Bob May

The Devil has his own reality show.
He is more orange than red.
It is surprisingly cold here in Hell.
Standing close to the flames of hate 
and still, 
I’m chilled to the bone.

The lunatics have taken over the asylum,
while the sane ones scream and weep 
 in despair.
When we manage to get a few hours of sleep
It is only to wake again  
In what was previously known 
as the Free World.

All the monsters that were under our beds
Have all come out and joined forces
There is no pushing them back --
The monsters who were once like
Cockroaches --scuttling from bright light,
Now stand proudly in the spotlight with their 
Smug, angry, hateful smiles --
Asking now for tolerance for all their spewed bile.

The rest of us no longer have eyelids -
We can never look away from the horror.
Even my own laughter frightens 
Me now as it has such a 
Hysterical edge.

poem by Vivienne Strauss

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