Friday, February 21, 2014

last weekend in February

this year is already flying by, though spring can't arrive soon enough for me!

We received a lot more snow last week but it is now melting with temperatures in the 40's, at least for a few days when all the slush will freeze again...  This is the time of year when we wonder why we live here in New Hampshire but soon enough, we'll have a beautiful spring, summer and fall to make up for it!

I had gotten behind on my collage a day goal and managed several yesterday while trying to clean up my studio.  Today I finally had to just toss all those collage materials in one giant box for re-sorting later or I was never going to get to the actual "cleaning" part.  So nice to have freshly vacuumed floors again.

spring fashion for the juvenile sparrow

Raven Call

                                                                           Duck Pond

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