Friday, February 07, 2014

Bird Break

Last week, birds made their way into three more works, two of which were also for the Kollage Kit
theme for dreams.

Owl Dreams

Crows of the Unconscious

les pigeons de Paris


Lisa Graham Art said...

I really love the first collage, they are all really great, but the first one is a wow.

You are right...something about those winged beauties. It's like they BELONG in art.

vivienne strauss said...

Thank you Lisa! I don't even notice just how often I include birds in my work until I go through my archives and there they are, again and again in paintings, collage, writing, etc.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to rediscover you, your gorgeous, quirky, thoughtful art. And how lovely to think that I would like you even more now. And birds appear and reappear in my work as well.

Dawn Dreyer

2:15 PM