Saturday, September 14, 2013

Collage Collaboration with Sabine Remy

Recently one of my favorite collage artists asked me to do several collaborative pieces with her, I was thrilled at the opportunity.   The most challenging part of working with Sabine Remy?  Well, we are both what I would call "minimalist" collage artists, myself even more so than her.  Rather than adding to images, I like to keeping cutting away more and more.  When I received the three images in the mail that she had started, I loved them just as they were so it was very difficult at first to see that they really needed anything at all.  I had to resist the strong urge to cut away from what she had already done and I agonized over what to add, wondering the whole time, "was I really improving the piece with my additions?"  These are the three pieces that Sabine started and I finished.  Since I finished them, I also named them.

Wild Driver


Killer Smile

I can't wait to see what Sabine has done with the three pieces I started and sent to her.  You can see much more of her gorgeous work 


miriskum dot de said...

Hi Vivienne, I love how you finished the starters - and thank you so much for collaborating with me - such a pleasure and creative fun! S.

Planet Susannia said...

I like your high explosive art!
Great collab.