Friday, August 16, 2013

A place called Lonesome

Every now and then I discover something or someone who is just wonderful completely by accident.   After discovering that the author of the novel Peyton Place was from New Hampshire, I looked her up which lead to looking up the towns related to the novel and from there to Connie Converse.  

I've listened to her hauntingly beautiful music for days now, my favorite song here

A documentary is also currently being made about her.  I've very excited about the documentary because it will lead even more people to her music instead of just people who stumble upon her the way I did.

10x10 oil painting


sosser said...

what a very happy accident! so glad you found (and shared) her - and what a beautiful portrait !

vivienne strauss said...

Thank you San! We have been listening to her music for a week now, and love it!

Susie said...

Vivienne, I can't stop playing this song now. So beautiful. Will definitely be on the lookout for the documentary on her life. I love that you painted her -- it's lovely.

vivienne strauss said...

Thank you for Susie! I'm so excited to introduce her music to people who hadn't heard of her.