Sunday, May 19, 2013

In defense of the dandelion

In defense of the dandelion
(not that you ever needed defending)


you persist

I always thrill at the first dandelions --bright yellow bursts in the newly greening lawn

announcing the arrival of summer

I try not to judge too harshly when I hear another exclaim “I hate dandelions” with such rancor as they lop off the poor dandelion’s head, leaving a milky neck-stem behind
I barely resist the temptation to proclaim “I hate begonias!” and rip the entire plant out by its roots.

Instead, I blow gently on each spent dandelion I encounter, dispersing the fluffy seeds---
ensuring that there will be even more next year.

Vivienne Strauss, 5.19.2013


Elizabeth said...

I like that. Despite their invasive tendencies, there is a lot that is good about dandelions.

holly aka golly said...

Their leaves are quite tasty too. :)

Shin said...

Lovely ode! I too love dandelions. Such pretty yellowness :)

vivienne strauss said...

Thank you Elizabeth, Holly & Shin! We went for a long drive the other day and saw fields and fields of them !