Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Spring Nymphs

One of my favorite errands is taking the trash and recycling to the Peterborough Recycling Center and for good reason - 1.  it seems to be somewhat of a social gathering place for the community and 2. I never know what sort of treasures I'll find there.  I've found vintage photos, old journals, magazines and books.   Last fall I found a book on titled Nymphs, fully expecting :

 A mythological spirit of nature imagined as a beautiful maiden inhabiting rivers, woods, or other locations

collage created from that idea

what the book actually contained was nymphs of this definition

A stage in the life cycle of certain arthropods,
such as ticks and lice.
 The nymph stage is between the nit
and the adult louse stages.
A nymph louse looks like an adult but is smaller.
Nymphs mature into adults
 about 7 days after hatching.
To live, the nymph must feed on blood.
collage based on the latter definition

Quite different, hope you enjoy them both!


vivienne strauss said...

Sorry for the wonky pagination, the post keeps showing up normal in preview and then changes when published... no patience for this sort of thing :D

Lisa Graham Art said...

I had trouble posting on Monday...insert a photo and the darned thing kept going to the top of the post. And I can't click and drag like you're supposed to be able to. I guess it's to be expected when something is free. Oh well.

Love your nymphs! Fun fun fun!

tamara said...

ooh, i love these, especially the second... which leads me to believe that i'm genuinely beginning to share in my son's fascination with bugs!

vivienne strauss said...

thank you Lisa & Tamara!