Sunday, March 04, 2012

Shopping in Milan

Sometimes inspiration can arrive via U.S. Postal Service :)  Recently, a friend from Italy sent me the most lovely vintage Italian silk scarf of an Italian city scene.  It immediately started conjuring up a scene of women shopping for spring things in Italy from approximately that time period.

 It also reminded me of one of my all time favorite films, The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone, starring Vivien Leigh and I hate to use the word "unfortunate" here but Warren Beatty.  The movie would have been so much better had a real Italian (famous or unknown) would have played his role.  Still a great movie that I never tire of watching.


sheila said...

really lovely, V. European ladies are always much better dressed when shopping. Have never seen that film, will keep an eye out for it.

holly aka golly said...

Who doesn't love a little shopping in Milan? Lovely painting! Will add the movie to my queue.

Gracey said...

fantastic drawing :) noting this movie, too!