Tuesday, January 24, 2012


oil on canvas.

For the Enormous Tiny Art show at Nahcotta
This painting can be found here 


Gayle said...

Do we have some more Downton-inspired stuff going on here? It looks like Lord Grantham is carrying Long Island iced teas which I don't think were invented yet at the turn of the century. HOWEVER, he was always rather forward-thinking.


vivienne strauss said...

Thank you for commenting Gayle! I do believe Downton Abbey is seeping into all my work lately despite the differences in time periods - it can't help but seep in, as I've watched every episode of both seasons 3 times each :)

Gracey said...

this painting reminds me of jack finney's time and again :)

vivienne strauss said...

I read Time and Again! such a great book, I love time travel :)