Sunday, December 11, 2011

Catching up on collage

I was just browsing back through my blog and noticing that I haven't posted any collages in some time so here are a few of the latest.



Explosive Personality

The bottom two pieces have "shared" images - the face in Instant belongs to the bottom image, and the background for Explosive Personality was the background of the coffee jar.


Hanananah said...

That looks really great, inspired me to explore collage in my portrait proj! xx

bunny mazhari said...

Amazing! I'm sure you are like me, every piece of paper is scanned for collage potential! :)

Lisa Graham Art said...

I love the sort of retro feel of your art work! I was just browsing through your facebook too.

vivienne strauss said...

thank you both! Oddly, it is often when I drop a scrap in the recycling bag that I notice it's true value as collage material.

tamara said...

oh i can't wait to show these to jamie. he is a huge fan of your collages. that first one is particularly fantastic.