Tuesday, November 29, 2011

All alone in a crowded room.

I usually work with Turner Classic Movies on in the background and I wrote down a terrific line from a movie a couple of days or weeks ago.

We all make believe we're somebody else --one way or another.

Of course, I did forget to also write down what movie this was from or the context but perhaps that isn't nearly as important as the line itself.  Both that line and the title of this painting seemed to be running over and over in my head while working on this piece.  It also made me think about a book I recently finished by Iris Murdoch entitled The Black Prince.  The ending of the book was quite shocking and a reminder that others often see us much differently than the way we hope to be perceived.


Lorraine Young Pottery said...

I was talking to my mother today about how we perceive the world. It's limited by are human identification and our human form. What is the world to the dragonfly.

Movies are great aren't they! I used to watch the old black and whites every Saturday as a child.

Your painting with people gathered, seemingly close but alone... love it.


Carole said...

We do, don't we. I'm always surprised to see myself in the reflection and wonder who that old lady is.

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

Carole, my mother says that, she is shocked at time to see herself. She's a beauty though, character can't be bought in a bottle :-}

Carole said...

Years ago I made a doll for a show that was wrapped in cotton strips. It was entitled "Don't Judge me by my Looks, Spend Some Time to Uncover the Real Me".

Lucy said...

Yes, I think if we ever really realised how badly others misunderstand us we would just collapse with frustration and shock! But no doubt we do it to them too! Oh well. Hello by the way, I recently discovered your blog and I'm looking forward to reading back.

By the way Carole, years ago a friend showed me a poem which I remembered when I read your comment. I hope I can remember it right. It went something like -

'Once I met a man who looked like a mountain.
I said 'Hey man, you look just like a mountain'.
He said, 'I may look like a mountain, but if you close your eyes, I could be anyone'.'

Carole said...

Thanks Lucy, I'll remember that!

vivienne strauss said...

I'm enjoying the dialogue here :)

sheila said...

this painting of yours completes me (and defines me) hahaha i love this one so much, V!