Sunday, September 25, 2011

A nice visitor yesterday

This sweet little bird hit our front window yesterday, plunged to the earth afterwards and landed on his back.  I rushed outside and picked him up, surprised that he had not broken his neck or anything else.  He came to rather quickly and was very alert.  He was aware of us and any movement around him yet he lingered for a very long time, first on my hand, then arm and then finally the rock wall.  My mom who is visiting helped identify him as a red-eyed vireo, his eye is still brown because he is less than a year old, next year it will be red.  He had no fear of us whatsoever but did keep looking us directly in the eye and posed patiently for many photographs.  After about 45 minutes we decided he was okay alone and when we went back inside he finally flew away.  We were so glad this has a happy ending!


holly aka golly said...

such a darling little creature! so glad you happened to see his fall so that you could save him. love a happy ending!

Elizabeth Bauman said...

What a sweetie. So glad you were there to help him, always nice when they survive the crash.