Thursday, July 21, 2011

the Dog Days of summer are truly upon us

Bucky after our morning walk :)


sami chu. said...

beagles are the best.
i miss my dog, charleston chu, he was the most curious pup there ever was!


Elizabeth Bauman said...

Oh Bucky. So sweet.

Anonymous said...

That girl! She is the cutest!

vivienne strauss said...

Thanks all! We did have a bit of drama on the walk, she must have stepped on a bee or wasp early on. She squealed and jumped and then started limping. When we started to ascend the steepest hill on that particular route, she insisted I carry her the rest of the way. It isn't easy walking up that hill much less carrying a 20 lb dog! The swelling went down pretty quickly and she forgot all about it.

artslice said...

Poor little pumpkin. She's lucky to have you carrying her in her hour of need!