Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Talented Miss Highsmith

I've been a huge fan of Patricia Highsmith's writing for a long time.  I've read all the Ripley novels and most of her short stories.  The Ripley novels are really incredible page turners but the short stories are what really pack a wallop.   She really reveled in the darker side of human nature and saw the potential for crime in almost everything.  After several months of reading her biography (written by Joan Schenkar) I'm left feeling rather more unsettled than by merely reading her (Highsmith's) work.  Hers was not a happy life but misery was what she thrived on and she found that couldn't write without it.  

oil paint on illustration board, 5.5"x7.75"

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sosser said...

my interest is piqued! now i want to read her bio, too!