Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What is it about fish images that makes them so compelling?

The theme this week on Scrapiteria was "fads" and of course I either couldn't think of a good fad to translate into a collage or I couldn't find the images to go with the thought.  Each day, the other members of Scrapiteria were posting better and better collages, with each post I was thinking to myself "Why didn't I think of that?"  I finally gave up and had to revert to my more abstract style and came up with two of made up fads that just didn't catch on for obvious reasons.  Here are my two collages, Underwater Travel, and Fish Wrestling.  Be sure to check out the other great work on Scrapiteria!


holly aka golly said...

Fish wrestling makes me think of noodling for giant catfish - a most peculiar sport. Love your collages!

Kirsten said...

Did you know that FAD is short for "fish aggregating device"? ;-)