Monday, January 18, 2010

Frank and Florence Rose spend every Sunday in bed reading their favorite books.

Painting for February show at Schmancy in Seattle, more show info coming soon!


holly aka golly said...

I am just in love with this one!

artslice said...

This is so fabulous! Love your blog and your style, Vivienne :)

caramela said...

Lovely Vivien- I wish I could come and see your show in Seattle- I relly, really do- I don't think I can do it in February- maybe later on in the year if you have something else in Seattle I will definitely come if you can let me know in advance- I would so love to-I am not that far in Vancouver you know, and I love Seattle, its a great place!
Annamaria xx

vivienne strauss said...

Thanks so much for commenting, Holly, Brenda & Annamaria! I'll definitely keep you posted about all upcoming shows right here :D

Alexxander said...

niice blog.