Monday, October 26, 2009

Forgotten Women Who Happened to be "Bad Girls"

This past weekend we went to the Antique Expo in Portland and our most interesting

find was a criminal record book from the 1930s. It belonged to an Oregon State policeman and it appears to be his own personal scrapbook of criminals he arrested over the course of several years. I've started with the portraits of the three women whose pictures were still in the book.

Margaret Buck. Arrested January 7, 1932, criminal offense, accomplice to Ted Jackson and Marion Rader in car theft.

Evlyn Jaro. Arrested November 20, 1930, criminal offense, prostitution.

Ruth Bingham. Arrested April 21, 1933, criminal offense, highway robbery along with William John Armstrong.


holly aka golly said...

Oh, I like this series! Do you know the work of Freddie Robbins? I particularly love her knitted homes of crime.

vivienne strauss said...

Holly, thanks so much! I had not heard of Freddie Robbins before, thank you so much for introducing me to her work, it is really incredible!