Sunday, October 04, 2009

Esther, Doreen and Betsy, all self-assured seniors from the class of '46

My friend and artist, Elizabeth Bauman sent me this gorgeous photograph a while back and I've been wanting to paint from this for a while. I loved their white dresses so much I really wanted to try painting in oils but alas the slow drying oils to not mix with my personal temperament which doesn't have the patience. Let's hope that some time Elizabeth will paint these three women in white! You can see Elizabeth's work here


Elizabeth Bauman said...

They look wonderful Vivienne! I adore this painting! I'm so glad you were able to use that photo, it was such a sweet one. I will see about painting some ladies in white very soon, perhaps on a 16x20 inch panel my dear friends gave me... :)

Kate Gabrielle said...

I really love this one! :D

Could you try using masking fluid to block out the areas that you want to remain white in order to do white dresses in watercolor in the future?

ps. Elizabeth- do it!!