Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nora Edmonds takes her dogs for a stroll.

Several years ago, I dog sat for 3 small, out of control dogs and got dressed up in some high heeled boots so I would look oh so glamorous walking them around a park close to their house. They keep tangling their leashes because they all wanted to go in different directions and bark at everyone and their dogs. To make matters even less picturesque, the heel snapped off on one of my boots in the middle of the walk, the the rest of the way I was hobbling on one heel and one "flat". This painting is more like what I had envisioned.


My Dog-Eared Pages said...

Of course this is what you envisioned!! Funny... I am happy to see you included a dachshund - LOVE it!

Elizabeth Bauman said...

Thank you for making me smile envisioning your less-than-perfect walk. Love the painting, maybe this is now how you'll remember the experience. :)