Friday, August 07, 2009

Le Deuxieme Souffle (Second Wind)

Jean-Pierre Melville became one of my favorite directors of all time when I watched Le Samourai for the first time, in fact it made me love the genre of French crime thrillers of the 1960s, well, at least any that he directed. The stories he tells are interesting from beginning to end and they are so artfully directed that each of his films deserves multiple viewings to take in all the details. At first watching I only noticed a few of the mirrored shots like the one posted. When I watched it the for the second time last night, not only did I notice much more use of mirrors and shadows but all sorts of other artful details I'd missed the first time around. I still count Le Samourai starring Alain Delon as my favorite, perhaps because I saw it first, but Le Doulos and Le Deuxieme Souffle are also contending for that number one spot!

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