Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Anita tries to be polite as Gail doles out some more unsolicited advice.

This is a piece where the image came first and the title evolved as I worked. Another one I'm sure almost anyone could relate to! When was the last time someone offered unwanted and unsolicited advice to you?


Kate Gabrielle said...

everytime my "gail" comes over the house :)

great job again!!

Elizabeth Bauman said...

Absolutely! Thanks for this painting, it made me smile.

vivienne strauss said...

I just have to wonder if the "Gails" out there recognize themselves, wait a minute, I think I may offer unsolicited advice pretty often myself... Oh well, glad I made you laugh :D

Sarah said...

I actually don't get unsolicited advice too often, I make it pretty clear I'm not paying attention so they usually give up!
I LOVE this painting and of course, the title.
I have been stuck in a creative rut lately and wish I had 1/4 of your inspiration!

vivienne strauss said...

Thanks for commenting Sarah, I actually started this piece completely uninspired but once the character's personalities started showing through, they provided the inspiration to finish :)