Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mademoiselle wreaks havoc

For whatever reason, I seem to love beautifully made films that portray horrific stories. This is one of them. Simply titled "Mademoiselle" starring Jeanne Moreau as the school mistress of a small village. Simply put, she is a beautiful sociopath (my personal diagnosis) who suffers greatly from some sort of sexual repression and heaven knows what else.

This was my third time watching it and I wondered the entire time "why I am doing this to myself again?" Easy answer, though the story is one of horror and gruesomeness, Ms. Moreau's portrayal is incredible and the direction of Tony Richardson couldn't possibly be done any better.



I will have to look out for this movie, it sounds good, just my cup of tea. Glad I found your blog today - it's lovely!

I will add you to my blog buddy list next time I'm on it

Best wishes, Carolyn

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vivienne strauss said...

If you like this movie, you may like Jeanne in "Eva" also!

sosser said...

sounds wonderfully disturbing. i adore jeanne moreau. and now i think you need to start a film blog. your recs are great!

vivienne strauss said...

I just may do that, I watch so many movies and it would be a good way to keep up with what I watch and what I liked/hated and why. I've re-rented movies from Netflix that I had previously given a bad rating just because I couldn't remember why I had such a strong dislike for something :)

jim said...

OK - this is too compelling to not watch. I added to my Netflix queue.

I watched Eraserhead for the first time recently. I had similar feelings about that one (which was too long).

Kate Gabrielle said...

Definitely renting this now!!
Oh, I'm so excited that you're thinking of starting an old movie blog! yay! Welcome to the club :)

Kate Gabrielle said...

Hi! Me again :) I tagged you for one of those "10 random things about myself" things.. hope you don't mind!