Monday, April 13, 2009

Ever Since Nancy and Bill Gave up Battling the Dandelions, Life Became a lot More Relaxed, summer of 1966

watercolor and ink on hot press watercolor paper; I had taken a photo a few days ago of some dandelions in a neighbor's yard and loved the different comments from people. Some viewed them as pretty, others saw them as hazardous to their allergies, and some who do battle with them, trying to keep them from their lawns. I just had to do a painting about dandelions after that! Thanks everyone for inspiring me!


Kate Gabrielle said...

ha, I'm one of the allergy ones... I seriously think all the lawn-mowing makes matters worse, though. One of my biggest, biggest pet peeves is lawn mowers. I wish people would just let their lawns grow and let nature take its course!

PERFECT painting, as usual:) You're really getting to be a master with the watercolors!

vivienne strauss said...

thanks Kate! Without all those comments, I never would have come up with the idea of painting the dandelions though :) I like the idea of natural grass myself, it just isn't "natural" to mow and manicure a plot of grass really.