Friday, March 27, 2009

Nina Zoe Kitts, Rose Festival Queen, 1917

I don't have any idea who "discovered" who on Flickr! but it feels
like I've been enjoying the work of Elizabeth Bauman for as long as I
can remember. We are both inspired by vintage photographs and
Elizabeth was generous enough to scan and email one she found recently
at the Portland Antique Expo.

She suggested that we could both use it as a source of inspiration
since our painting styles are so different and it would be fun to see
the different interpretations of the same image. Our subject was the
lovely Nina Zoe Kitts, Rose Festival Queen from 1917.

We both completed our paintings in roughly the last week with very
little discussion about how we were painting her and I've been eagerly
waiting all week to see what Elizabeth has painted! Here is my painting and a link to
Elizabeth's blog here :


matte stephens said...

Wonderful work!

sosser said...

i love the way you two came up with this project. now i want to see more of this sort of collaboration.