Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blind Date

I don't usually write very much about my paintings or collages for two reasons. One, I like to hear other's interpretations and I don't want them to be limited by what I say about it and two, my attention span for writing is often not any longer than the lengthy titles I employ. With this piece, I simply cannot resist attempting to write about it. Harriet and Walter are in the midst of a very awkward blind date. Neither one of them can imagine why their friends thought they would be a good match. Harriet thinks Walter is just about the most awkward looking fellow she has encountered yet he is acting rather pompous and as if he thought he was too good for her. At the same time, Walter thinks that Harriet's legs are entirely too thin for his personal taste and she has barely spoken a word all evening. For whatever reason, they both decide to have a second date where they find out they do have something in common after all. Neither one of them like their friends all that much.


Elizabeth Bauman said...

You are so funny. Don't you love how some pieces just speak to you so much that you feel compelled to share it? It's like they are a alive or something. I love this piece! Even more now that I know their story. :)

vivienne strauss said...

Thanks Elizabeth! Sometimes I can't decide if I'm actually funny or just nuts :)

Katherine said...

maybe you're a genius!