Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gerald and Linda Preferred to be at Home with Their Cats and Their Books and there was No Sound More Dreaded than the Ringing of a Telephone

My latest painting inspired by all my internet friends who share my dread of a ringing telephone! You would all be proud to know that I survived making two (2) outgoing calls today to schedule an appointment with a new eye doctor and to the store where Matte bought me a great "new" pair of vintage glasses. I can't wait to get them!


Linda Crispell said...

Ha! This is hilarious and so darn true!
Post a pic of your new glasses they sound really cute!
Your Pal,

Kate Gabrielle said...

I'm so proud! There should be a PAA, Phone Avoiders Anonymous help group for people like us :)

pelao said...

i hate phones too, have no at home(but the ubiquitous cell-hell) the way, the cats keep on coming.