Wednesday, January 28, 2009

16 random things about me

1. I don't do ANYTHING until I've had my morning coffee.
2. My dreams are so real and vivid it sometimes takes a few hours to shake them.
3. Plants are not safe in my care.
4. I love air hockey and ping pong.
5. When I play those games, I become horribly obnoxious and competitive and can't seem to help it.
6. I have really skinny ankles and doubled jointed elbows.
7. I secretly want to be a rock & roll girl like Joan Jett.
8. Animals follow me home. That's why we have 6 cats.
9. I'm considered color blind, I can see primary colors but can't distinguish shades of grey, green, brown or purple.
10. I love sardines and pickled herring but despise oysters.
11. I don't like to answer the phone unless I know who it is.
12. I like food so spicy it makes some people sweat.
13. My first car was a 1973 Mach I Mustang, black with black interior. I wish I still had it.
14. I think I'm bigger and stronger than I actually am.
15. I used to sporadically color my hair in extreme colors - black, red and peroxide blonde.
16. I can't watch scary or suspense films, they make me nauseous.

1 comment:

Linda Crispell said...

It is fascinating that you are color blind and your choices of colors in your art are so beautiful.
Sardines and pickled herring? Your cats must go insane.
Caller ID is the greatest invention. I am amazed how few people I actually want to talk to on the phone.
With a black Mustang you were Joan Jett!!!
Your Pal,