Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Lonely Doll

About six months ago, a new acquaintance suggested that I may enjoy the biography of Dare Wright and it was filed in the back of my mind with the hundreds of other books I may read one day. Since I'm somewhat a lazy reader I don't always get drawn into biographies the way I do with fiction so it wasn't a real priority. A few months later, I was out thrifting with another friend when she stumbled across one of the Lonely Doll books written by Wright and I while I recognized the book from childhood, I didn't notice the author's name or make the connection until she posted a picture of it on her own site. Then it left my mind just as quickly. Then finally this past Sunday night at Powell's books in downtown Portland, "The Secret Life of The Lonely Doll" by Jean Nathan practically jumped off the shelf into my hands. I held onto it, found Wright's actual book "The Lonely Doll" and sat down in one of the tiny chairs in the children's section and read the book. All these months I thought I had never heard of this book when in fact I did read at least a few of these books as a child. I started the biography last night and am having trouble putting it down this morning but need to do some work of my own. A truly fascinating read!

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scrapatorium said...

I read that book (biography) when it first came out. Very interesting! I heard there was a movie in the making, possibly by Julian Schnabel?

I also have several of the original books in my collection. Cute stuff.